A powerful expression of biblical community.

This is a setting in which people connect with a small group of friends who are mutually committed to caring for one another, growing in their faith, and impacting others for the cause of Christ. We invite you to find a group of friends that live near you so you can join them in “sharing life together.”

How to use these questions

During this difficult time, please use these discussion questions to help lean on God and discover how we can work through these issues together. 

Even while in your home, you can use them for personal reflection, family discussion time or even go through them with friends on the phone or on Facetime.

If you have questions, feel free to email Pastor John: john@community.cc


LifeGroup Study Guide – Week 3: “Pay it Forward”  

Stepping In: Getting things started!

1 – What’s the funniest thing you saw this week?

2 – Share something good that has come out of the “safe at home” guidelines.

3 – What comes to mind when you read these words: “As you have been to me, so I will be to others.”


Building Up: What is God saying?

1 – Read Luke 10:25-37. Then answer the following questions:

  • Why was the man asking Jesus to clarify who is neighbor is?
  • What are the greatest commandments (verse 27)?
  • In what ways was the Good Samaritan being generous with his life? (Make a list of everything you see in verses 30-35.)
  • There is a racial tension in this story because Jews and Samaritans didn’t get along. Why do you think Jesus used the Samaritan to be the good example?
  • How does Jesus change the whole question with another question in verse 36?

2 – Read 1 John 3:16. Besides the list we made from the story of the Good Samaritan, how else can we lay down our lives for our friends and show them love?


Living Out: How do I obey?

1 – Finish the following statements…

  • I could follow Jesus example of being generous with my life THIS WEEK, by…

2 – Prayer time:

  • ïCreate a list of things you can pray about
  • ïPray for our church and our leaders
  • ïPray for our Valley, State, Country and our world.
  • ïAsk God to show you how to BE Jesus for others this week.