A powerful expression of biblical community.

This is a setting in which people connect with a small group of friends who are mutually committed to caring for one another, growing in their faith, and impacting others for the cause of Christ. We invite you to find a group of friends that live near you so you can join them in “sharing life together.”

House Rules for LifeGroups

Welcome to the LifeGroups of Community! Congratulations on your desire to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ through a weekly study and the relationships that will be formed in this group.

As a member of a LifeGroup, we ask you to make the following commitments:

  1. I will make this group a priority by attending each week.
  2. I will strive to build authentic relationships with those in the group by praying regularly for the other members, keeping discussions in the group confidential and by not confessing someone else’s sin.
  3. I will participate in our group’s service project.
  4. I will share (as needed) in bringing refreshments, hosting, following up with prayer requests and other group needs.
  5. I will respect others in the group by letting everyone share, allowing for questions at all levels of spiritual growth and by encouraging each member of the group.
  6. I will continue to ask for God’s direction as I grow closer to Him.

For more info, please call us at (951) 929 2135


LifeGroup Study Guide – Week 1: “In Me”  

Stepping In: Getting things started!

1 – What did you get out of the message this weekend?

2 – What makes a conversion story special?


Building Up: What is God saying?

1 – Read Acts 22:1-5. Paul is in jail, and now he has an opportunity to share his story. How is Paul’s life before Jesus a compelling start to his story?

2 – Read Acts 22:6-7. Paul’s encounter with Jesus is unique. When do you first remember making sense of who this Jesus really is?

3 – Read Acts 22:8-9. How does Paul’s friends in this story somehow remind us of the friends around us when we are making serious changes in our lives?

4 – Read Acts 22:10-13. Jesus had a specific plan for Paul’s life. Do you feel like Jesus has a purpose for you? Why or why not?

5 – Read Acts 22:14-15. We are all to be “His witnesses”, so share with your group one thing you can tell others about Jesus from your own experience.

6 – Read Acts 22:16. Why is the ceremony of baptism so critical in our story?

7 – Read Acts 22:17-21. Some people didn’t like Paul’s changes. How have you had difficulty with friends, family members or co-workers as you’ve tried to follow Jesus?


Living Out: How do I obey?

1 – Read 2 Corinthians 5:17. Share with your group what is NEW about you in your story as a follower of Jesus.

2 – As you have time, finish the following statements:

  • What I liked least about my life before Jesus was…
  • What I love most about being a follower of Jesus is…
  • You all can be a help to my following Jesus by…

3 – As a LifeGroup, you’ll be doing a service project together. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to serve those in our Valley. When you come up with a plan, please let us know about it by emailing: rick@community.cc.