A powerful expression of biblical community.

This is a setting in which people connect with a small group of friends who are mutually committed to caring for one another, growing in their faith, and impacting others for the cause of Christ. We invite you to find a group of friends that live near you so you can join them in “sharing life together.”


We believe that growing to become more like Jesus happens best in the context of relationship. That’s why we strategically use our LifeGroups as the major component in the Building Up aspect of our mission. 

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LifeGroup study guide – week 2: “What’s Better than Happiness?”   

Stepping In: Getting things started!

1 – What are some of the simple things in life that make you happy?

2 – Share one thing you got from Caleb’s message this past weekend at Community?

3 – What was the last thing you said “thank you” to someone for?


Building Up: What is God Saying? 

Read Luke 17:11-19. Then answer the following questions:

1 – What do you know about leprosy in Jesus’ day? What limitations did they have socially? What hope did they have of a cure?

2 – Showing themselves to the priest would clear them and allow them back in the temple. This was a big deal! What would it mean to you to finally go back to church after 5 years of not being able to be around anyone?

3 – Only one came back to say thank you. How is that similar to our culture today? Why don’t people say thank you more often?

4 – Like some other stories, the “good example” isn’t even a Jewish man. He’s a Samaritan. How could our race/heritage/background sometimes get in the way of our being grateful?

5 – What are some ways we could lead out and be an example of gratitude where we live, work, go to school and play?


Living Out: How do I obey?

1 – Finish the following thoughts:

  • Grateful is better than being happy because…
  • I could work on being a more grateful person if I…
  • One thing I’m grateful for right now is…

2 – Caleb said this in the weekend message: “Gratefulness is found in who owns you, not what you own.” How does this help bring clarity to your life right now?

3 – Who do you need to say thank you to, but haven’t yet? How and when are you going to make this happen?