A powerful expression of biblical community.

This is a setting in which people connect with a small group of friends who are mutually committed to caring for one another, growing in their faith, and impacting others for the cause of Christ. We invite you to find a group of friends that live near you so you can join them in “sharing life together.”

Our LifeGroups are a powerful way to do life TOGETHER. We were designed for relationship. So, grab some friends/make some friends and lets to this together!!

If you have any questions, please email Rick Hunter: rick@community.cc. 


LifeGroup Study Guide – Week 2: “Help Please”  

Stepping In: Getting things started!

1- Give your group a highlight from your past week.

2- In AA there is talk of a “higher power.” Why is it good news to know this “higher power” is Jesus?

3-This weekend Pastor John talked about these three things: God is real, God is for you, God will help. Which one do you need the most right now and why?


Building Up: What is God Saying? 

1 – Read Ephesians 1:15-16. If faith is an internal thing, how is it that others can hear about it or see it in us?

2 – Read Ephesians 1:17. How does this verse encourage you to know God is real and He is for you? Who can you be praying this verse for this week?

3 – Read Ephesians 1:18. Why is HOPE so important throughout our lives? Quickly share a time in your life when hope made a big difference.

4 – Read Ephesians 1:19-21. God not only wants to help; He has the power to do so. How do these verses encourage you? God’s power isn’t like a genie in a bottle waiting for us to pray Him out… God’s power is used for His purpose in our life. What can you do to make sure you’re following His purposes for your life?

5 – Read Ephesians 1:22-23. As a part of the church, we come under the Lordship of Jesus. Why is that comforting in today’s world?


Living Out: How do I obey?

1 – Someone read this out loud: Earnestly believe that God EXISTS, that I MATTER to him, and that he has the POWER to help me recover.

(Now take turns finishing the following phrases…)

A. When I begin to doubt God’s existence, I know I can…

B. When it doesn’t feel like God cares, I can be reassured because…

C. When I really need God’s help, I know He will help because He already…

2 – As a LifeGroup, you’ll be doing a service project together. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to serve those in our Valley. When you come up with a plan, please let us know about it by emailing: rick@community.cc.